Flea Facts

  • Fleas are everywhere in Texas
  • Because we do not have freezing winters, fleas survive year-round.
  • Once on your pet, a single flea lays 40-50 eggs PER DAY!
  • These eggs roll off your pet an wait to hatch in your carpet, beds, couches and in your yard. Once hatched they jump on your pet(s) and start laying eggs of their own.
  • Even indoor-only pets can get fleas. Fleas love to “hitchhike” on you as you walk outdoors or visit other people’s houses. When you get home they jump off you and on to your pet.
  • Fleas may be on your neighbor’s pet and in their yard and can easily get into your yard.
  • Fleas are definitely on the wildlife that visit your yard and flea eggs are dropping off them into your yard. You may never see them, but they are there!
  • The only way to break the cycle and get rid of fleas in your home is to use monthly flea control on ALL your pets. ​Topical and oral flea control options are available that will kill the fleas and prevent more eggs from being laid.

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